Sarah Palin On Saturday Night Live 10-18-2008

Sarah Palin came onto Saturday Night Live and poked fun at herself in these two video clips.

As if crossing paths with Tina Fey wasn’t enough, Sarah Palin stuck around for a second turn on “Saturday Night Live” last night.

After appearing in the opening sketch, the GOP vice presidential candidate returned during “Weekend Update.” But, she told anchors Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, there was a problem: “I’m not going to do the piece that we rehearsed. … My gut is telling me it might be a bad idea for the campaign.”

“You were so good at it!” Meyers protested.

But Palin stood firm. “It might just cross the line,” she said.

So Poehler stepped in to perform a rap song about Palin and her home state of Alaska, complete with dancing Eskimos, a snow-machine-riding First Dude and a moose that ends up in the family freezer — with frequent cuts to the governor grooving to the beat (“All the mav’ricks in the house, put your hands up!”).

Afterward, Meyers told Palin that perhaps she had made the right decision not to take the starring role.

“You betcha,” Palin replied. Here are the two video clips

This is the clip with Sarah Palin and Lorne Michaels as she gets ready to say “Live from New York Its Saturday Night!”

Here are is the SNL skit All the mav’ricks in the house, put your hands up!

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