K1 Speed Indoor Go Kart Racing in Torrance, California

K1 Speed  Indoor Go Kart Racing in Torrance, California

I decided to check out the K1 SpeedĀ  Indoor Go Kart Racing in Torrance, California yesterday and brought the wife down to check it out with me. The Torrance track is the newest track built by K1 Speed and has a concrete surface rather than a asphalt surface.

Louie Baur & Abigail Baur Ready to Race

The concrete racing surface offers slightly less grip than asphalt, making the task of setting one fast lap after another that much more challenging. When you are on hard conrete you have to work the brake and throttle a little differently and you can take advantage of the concrete and drift around the corners.

Here is a partial shot of the course
I did 2 14 lap runs and wow was I tired. It felt like I just went to the gym or something. Granted I am completely out of shape but that does not change the fact that you are constantly working the gas and cruising at speeds up to 40 mph and it is a bit of a struggle to not smash into other drivers or the sides of the course.

This track is not set up to race other drivers which is kind of what you think when you go to a go kart track, this one is all about racing against yourself and gettting the best lap time. Slower drivers move over to the right and you fly around them to trying and get the best lap time. Mine was 34.05 which wasn’t bad for my first time but I have a long way to go if I want to reach the fastest time of the month which was a 26.55. I am sure that little bastard didn’t weigh 245 pounds either, that couldn’t have helped.

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